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The Campus Communicator website is sponsored by IndieRegister.com, a news blog maintained by three Craven Community College alumni and former Communicator student editors.

IndieRegister.com features commentary on news and politics with a focus on First, Second and Fourth Amendment issues. Its managing editor is William R. Toler, who was one of the first students to join the Campus Communicator when it began in 2002.

IndieRegister was launched in late 2005 as the online home of the Independent Register, a community newspaper covering New Bern and Craven County. Toler, Eric Voliva and Corey Friedman started the paper in fall 2005 after working together on the Campus Communicator staff. Printed biweekly, the Register was plagued by financial pressure and ceased publication in January 2006. Its founders continued to maintain the website, which later became a local, state and national news blog.

Visit www.indieregister.com for the latest contrarian commentary on issues in Craven County and beyond.


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