Community colleges ban ‘threatening’ students

By William R. Toler

By next spring, prospective students could be shown the door instead of an open door at their local community college.

The NC Board of Community Colleges voted Friday to ban “threatening students” just weeks after a former community college student allegedly attempted to assasinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) at a public event.

Board members told News Carolina 14 that the policy has been in consideration for about a year.

The policy, although adopted, still has to before a rules commission before it can take effect…G-d help us if it does.

Board members admit that such a policy would be difficult to define and extremely subjective.

A ban on “threatening” students gives colleges the authority to deny someone admission furthers the idea and practice of innocent until proven guilty, as most critics of the proposal point out.

It is possible that a “trouble maker” like myself could be banned for my past of rocking the boat at Craven Community College with free speech issues. I could pose a threat to the college’s unconstitutional policies which would give an adminstrator clearance to clear out my application.

If the NCBCC went by standards of the Department of Homeland Security, those in the Liberty Movement, who are considerded to be potential domestic terrorists, could also be denied a two-year college education.

If Scott Ralls (former CCC president and current head of the community college system) and his cronies get their way, liberty on Carolina’s campuses will be further diminished.





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