Observations of a returning student-Part 1

By William R. Toler

As I walk around campus, I take notice of all the changes that have occured at CCC since my departure in 2005. Some good…some not so much.

There are two new buildings, which I have seen on my visits to the college and am now starting to explore. The bookstore is now housed in the Business and Technolgy building, which also contains the computer labs and other classrooms that used to co-exist with the artsy folks in Orringer Hall. 

While I was dismayed about the decision to hand bookstore operations over to Follet  in 2005, I am pleased with the self-service of selecting your own books and the wide variety of college merchandise. 

However, harkening back to my feelings over corpratism on campus, I was shocked to see a satelite branch of River Bend Deli located in the student center. The space it occupies, formerly referred to as “The Fish Bowl,” was designed to give student organizations a place to hold meetings. Now it has been allocated to a for-profit business, which is usally out of food by noon. 

I am also saddened to see “The Vault” (former office of the Campus Communicator) has been mereged with the old Student Government office and now serves as the cashiers office where students pay for their classes.

Student Services has also moved to the Student Center, filling the vacancy left by the bookstore. Former president Scott Ralls had envisioned a “one-stop shop” for registration and that legacy has come true. (Although it is rumored that the move was made because Dr. Chew wasn’t thrilled with students crowding outside her office.)

 Another change of concern is the “designated smoking area.” The only availabe spot to light up on campus (except your vehicle) is a lonely gazebo in the swampy area between the Business & Technology Building and Perdue Hall. Smokers, no doubt, get their excercise shlepping to the isolated isle of ill-inhalation, having to walk completely around a drainage ditch. In addition to being far-removed, there is also of lack of lighting and rough terrain for anyone in a wheelchair.


One response to “Observations of a returning student-Part 1

  1. Question – is there another office, now that the Fish Bowl has been displaced – for campus clubs & organizations to meet? (I’m sad to read this – that room was so perfect for us!) Also, I’m glad to hear that they are permitting smoking, even if it is only in the gazebo at this point. Last I remembered it was 100% banned on campus. I would definitely agree to a couple more gazebos in appropriately accessible (for everyone) locations, but agree with them being far-removed from building entranceways.

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