Does CCC have double standard?

By William R. Toler

While walking around campus during registration week, a few things caught my eye that seemed to be contrary to college policies.

The first seemingly hypocritical display involves drugs. The Student Organization Handbook includes a prohibition on organizations promoting or impling the use of “alcohol, tobacco or other illegal substance[s].” 

While in the bookstore waiting to purchase my textbook, I noticed several DVDs in a display near the checkout counter. One of them was “PCU”, a comedy about political correctness run amuck on a college campus. The cover features actor Jeremy Piven in a pair of boxer shorts holding a beer mug. Near it was the stoner comedy “How High” starring rappers Redman and Method Man. According to an review, the movie is “destined to become a guilty pleasure of the cannabis crowd.”

Both of these movies, although very funny, seem to contradict the college’s own policy on alcohol and drug use.

Another problem was noitced when I walked into Orringer Hall from the back parking lot. I spied a flyer posted to the glass announcing a day the college would be closed…in October.

When I began participation in student life a decade ago, clubs and organizations were allowed to post flyers nearly everywhere and anywhere on campus. During the admininstration of Dr. Scott Ralls, posting was limited to locked bulletin boards provided by the college. Hence, only the college itself was allowed to post on windows near entrance ways. The aforementioned handbook states: “Duration of advertisements will be removed when the event concludes.”

It may just have been overlooked, but by leaving it up, the college sends a message stating that it doesn’t have to follow policies it sets for students.

I encourage the adminstration to take a look at its policies and practices and decide if it’s going to practice what it preaches.


One response to “Does CCC have double standard?

  1. Right on about the hypocritical approach to the alcohol/drugs policy. They should either get rid of the crappy movies in the book store or do away with the policy.

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