College president staying put

CCC’s Board of Trustees voted earlier this month to extend President Catherine Chew’s contract for another three years, according to the Sun Journal.

Dr. Catherine Chew

Chew took the reins in October 2008 after Dr. Scott Ralls left Craven upon his appointment as president of the N.C. Community College System. She earns an annual salary of $140,000 and did not seek a raise because college faculty and staff members’ pay had remained stagnant, the New Bern newspaper reports.

Students, what do you think of Dr. Chew? Do you think she’s leading Craven in the right direction? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


One response to “College president staying put

  1. I think we are in for a dark three years. I saw Dr. Chew for the first time in a year today. She stays hidden away in her office and has no interest in the day to day happenings on campus. She is inaccessible to students and staff alike. Yeah, it’s a sad day for CCC.

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