Student newspaper reborn at Craven

Welcome to, the online home of The Campus Communicator.

We’re working to relaunch the Communicator as a printed newspaper providing coverage of student life and campus events at Craven Community College. While we recruit students to write for the paper and establish the Communicator as an official student organization, we’re getting started by writing about Craven happenings on this website.

The Campus Communicator began in 2002 as a monthly newsletter published by CCC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter. It soon grew into a robust broadsheet newspaper and became a staple of student life on Craven’s New Bern and Havelock campuses. We hope to reclaim this role with a new crop of student journalists to cover college news.

Our new website is sponsored by, a news and politics blog maintained by three CCC alumni and former Campus Communicator editors. Click here to read more about our sponsor. Also, check out our History page to read about the Communicator’s beginnings, including its infamous First Amendment fight with the college administration after publishing a shortlived sex column.

Student journalism is a proud tradition at Craven, and we need your help to write a new chapter. If you’re interested in joining the new Communicator staff, e-mail Editor Samiah Culbreth at


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