Community college bans pamphleteering

By William R. Toler

A community college student in Ohio was banned from distributing literature that was deemed “offensive” by another student.

 According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Ethel Borel-Donohue passed out flyers to her paralegal classmates on the “possible risks of Breast Cancer related to brith control and abortion” during Breast Cancer Awareness month…after class.

 The department chair, Judge Michael Brigner, “summoned” Borel-Donohue to his office to discuss the matter. According to her account, the judge told her a fellow student had complained and that she “had no right to hand out any materials to students in the classroom.”

 And this guy’s a judge?
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Community colleges ban ‘threatening’ students

By William R. Toler

By next spring, prospective students could be shown the door instead of an open door at their local community college.

The NC Board of Community Colleges voted Friday to ban “threatening students” just weeks after a former community college student allegedly attempted to assasinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) at a public event.

Board members told News Carolina 14 that the policy has been in consideration for about a year.

The policy, although adopted, still has to before a rules commission before it can take effect…G-d help us if it does.
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Observations of a returning student-Part 1

By William R. Toler

As I walk around campus, I take notice of all the changes that have occured at CCC since my departure in 2005. Some good…some not so much.

There are two new buildings, which I have seen on my visits to the college and am now starting to explore. The bookstore is now housed in the Business and Technolgy building, which also contains the computer labs and other classrooms that used to co-exist with the artsy folks in Orringer Hall. 

While I was dismayed about the decision to hand bookstore operations over to Follet  in 2005, I am pleased with the self-service of selecting your own books and the wide variety of college merchandise. 
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Does CCC have double standard?

By William R. Toler

While walking around campus during registration week, a few things caught my eye that seemed to be contrary to college policies.

The first seemingly hypocritical display involves drugs. The Student Organization Handbook includes a prohibition on organizations promoting or impling the use of “alcohol, tobacco or other illegal substance[s].” 

While in the bookstore waiting to purchase my textbook, I noticed several DVDs in a display near the checkout counter. One of them was “PCU”, a comedy about political correctness run amuck on a college campus. The cover features actor Jeremy Piven in a pair of boxer shorts holding a beer mug. Near it was the stoner comedy “How High” starring rappers Redman and Method Man. According to an review, the movie is “destined to become a guilty pleasure of the cannabis crowd.”
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College president staying put

CCC’s Board of Trustees voted earlier this month to extend President Catherine Chew’s contract for another three years, according to the Sun Journal.

Dr. Catherine Chew

Chew took the reins in October 2008 after Dr. Scott Ralls left Craven upon his appointment as president of the N.C. Community College System. She earns an annual salary of $140,000 and did not seek a raise because college faculty and staff members’ pay had remained stagnant, the New Bern newspaper reports.

Students, what do you think of Dr. Chew? Do you think she’s leading Craven in the right direction? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Sexual harassment policy gets red light from FIRE

By William R. Toler

Did you hear the one about the college administration that couldn’t take aFoundation for Individual Rights in Education dirty joke?

I’m pretty sure I stole that from Corey Friedman, former editor of the Campus Communicator and the Independent Register, but it is the reason for a recent rebranding of Craven Community College by a students’ rights watchdog.

The Foundation for Indidvidual Rights in Education has designated CCC as a red light college in its Spotlight, which looks at policies of colleges and universities across the country and determines how dedicated the institutions are to the rights of students, especially when it comes to free speech.
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Student newspaper reborn at Craven

Welcome to, the online home of The Campus Communicator.

We’re working to relaunch the Communicator as a printed newspaper providing coverage of student life and campus events at Craven Community College. While we recruit students to write for the paper and establish the Communicator as an official student organization, we’re getting started by writing about Craven happenings on this website.

The Campus Communicator began in 2002 as a monthly newsletter published by CCC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter. It soon grew into a robust broadsheet newspaper and became a staple of student life on Craven’s New Bern and Havelock campuses. We hope to reclaim this role with a new crop of student journalists to cover college news.

Our new website is sponsored by, a news and politics blog maintained by three CCC alumni and former Campus Communicator editors. Click here to read more about our sponsor. Also, check out our History page to read about the Communicator’s beginnings, including its infamous First Amendment fight with the college administration after publishing a shortlived sex column.

Student journalism is a proud tradition at Craven, and we need your help to write a new chapter. If you’re interested in joining the new Communicator staff, e-mail Editor Samiah Culbreth at